Company name: AZADA ORGANIC S.L.
Address: Avenida Montbrió 21, 43330 Riudoms, Tarragona (Spain).
VAT: B65349029
Telephone: 936640518
Email: shop(at)
LLC registered at the Commercial Registry of Barcelona: Tomo 41950, Folio 0135, Hoja 396797, Inscripción 1ª

In accordance to the Spanish Law 15/1999 for Personal Data Protection (LOPD) and the Spanish Law LSSICE 34/2002 passed on the 11th of July 2002 concerning Information and e-Commerce companies, AZADA ORGANIC, S.L., in strict adherence to points 5 and 6 of the LOPD, hereby declares and informs all customers that provide or will provide their personal data, that such data will be introduced into an automatic file that in turn is registered in the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

To this end, the customers expressly and freely accept that their personal data will be used by AZADA ORGANIC, S.L., for the following purposes:

Advertisement campaigns via e-mail, fax, SMS, MMS, social networks or any kind of media be it electronically or physical, present or future that provides commercial type communications. These commercial communications will be related to products or services offered by AZADA ORGANIC, S.L., as well as on behalf of those partners that might have signed commercial agreements between their clients. In this case, any third party will never have access to the personal data. All commercial campaigns will be carried out by AZADA ORGANIC, S.L., and will be related to those products and services in AZADA ORGANIC’s sector.

Carry out statistical studies.

Processing orders, applications or any type of solicitudes realized by the customer through any form of contact available to the customer by AZADA ORGANIC, S.L.

Newsletter delivery to those subscribing customers.

AZADA ORGANIC S.L., informs and expressly guarantees the customers that their personal data will not be released under any circumstances to third party companies, and in the event that such data would need to be transferred, the customer will always be consulted before hand for their consent.

All data requested through AZADA ORGANIC S.L., is compulsory, and vital to be able to provide an optimum service to the customer. AZADA ORGANIC, S.L., cannot guarantee that information and services provided will be adequate if the customer does not provide all necessary requested data.

AZADA ORGANIC S.L., guarantees in any event that the customer will be able to exercise their rights to access, rectification, cancelation, information and opposition as covered by current legislation. To this end and in accordance to Data Protection Law (LOPD) 15/1999, the customer can exercise their rights in writing, together with a copy of their ID via the following media formats:

Email: shop(at)
Address: Avenida Montbrió 21, 43330 Riudoms, Tarragona (Spain).

Customers can also cancel any subscription services contracted by sending an e-mail to: shop(at)

In the same way, AZADA ORGANIC S.L., has adopted all technical and organizational steps necessary to guarantee the security and integrity of the personal data used, as well as avoiding loss, alternation and/or access by non-authorised third parties.


AZADA ORGANIC S.L., through its own accord or that of a third party contracted to provide monitoring services, can use cookies when a customer surfs the web. Cookies are files sent to the web navigator through a web server whose purpose is to register the customer’s activities while surfing the web.

The cookies used by the website can only link one anonymous user and computer, and cannot provide on its own accord personal data of the user.

It can be possible through the use of cookies that the server where the website is hosted, can recognize the web navigator used by the customer with the purpose to enhance navigation, thereby allowing for example access to customers that have previously registered, to access those areas, services, promotions or competitions exclusively reserved for them, without having to register themselves again every time.

Cookies are also used to measure audience and web traffic, control the progress and number of visitors.

The customer can configure their navigator to notify the reception of cookies and impede cookie installation on their computer. Please consult the user manual of your navigator for further information.

In order to use the website, it is not necessary for the customer to allow the installation of cookies sent by the website or third party representation. In this case, the customer will have to register themselves or login in every time for each service section.

The cookies used in this website are in any case temporary with the sole purpose to make navigation more efficient. Under no circumstances are the cookies used to collect customer’s personal information.

Rules for using the Blog

If you would like to use our blogs, your will have to accept the following rules:

1.- User responsibility. On taking part in the blogs of the website, you are the only one responsible for the messages sent via them, guaranteeing AZADA ORGANIC, S.L., that they will be completely immune against any possible demands or lawsuits that might arise from such concepts.

In the case that the messages contain material protected by intellectual or industrial property rights, the user guarantees that they are the owners or have explicit permission from the owner to publish on the blog.

AZADA ORGANIC S.L. will be cleared of any third party demands for such concepts.

2. The user must, before posting a message chose the right blog. Those messages that do not coincide with the blog theme can be eliminated. It is completely forbidden to publish promotions and links to commercial offers, publicity, promotional material, chain letters or any kind of direct or indirect promotional activity or any other type of comments that does not coincide with the normal development of the blog theme.

3. The user must respect other users. Users should be tolerant and respectful to the messages and opinions of the others. Those messages that could be taken to infringe on the rights of a third party or attack the peaceful development of the blog can be erased.

4. AZADA ORGANIC S.L. reserves the right to reproduce, modify, or distribute the messages posted on the blogs of the website according to the terms and convenient resources without any compensation to the user.

5. AZADA ORGANIC S.L. is not responsible for material published on the blogs of the website nor does it guarantee the accuracy or truth of any information published on the blog. It is up to the user that sent the message or information to be responsible for its content.

6. AZADA ORGANIC S.L. does not guarantee the availability or the continuity of the blog service of the website, and has the right to modify it, suspend it or eliminate it from the website without prior warning at any time.

7. In the event that a user might be affected by illegal acts or detects misuse of the blogs of the website by other users, they can notify AZADA ORGANIC, S.L., through the e-mail: shop(at), indicating as the message reference “blog moderation” so that AZADA ORGANIC, S.L., could moderate or eliminate the blogs.

8. The user will keep AZADA ORGANIC, S.L., free against any possible demands or lawsuits that might arise from messages that the user posted on the blogs or any other misuse related to or derived from the user’s use of the blogs on the website.


AZADA ORGANIC S.L., employs information security techniques generally accepted by the industry, such as firewalls, access control procedures and encryption mechanisms, all in order to avoid unauthorized access to the data. In order to accomplish this, the user accepts that the security provider has access to data in order to verify correct access.


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